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Liberation Heritage Route South Africa

The Heroes Acre in the Phahameng Cemetery in Mangaung

Like others cities around the country, in the Free State capital, Bloemfontein there is a Heroes Acre at the Phahameng Cemetery (commonly known as Magengenene). It is a burial site for the Free State people who have been declared as liberation heroes. However, this has raised questions on impartiality of the whole process as critics maintain that it should be as embracive as possible. Indeed, most, if not all of the recipients of the ‘hero status’ are known to be ANC activists. The work of having the Heroes Acre was undertaken by Free State ANC’s government and the Twilight Funeral Parlour. The site is aimed at commemorating those who fell in the struggle for liberation and the contemporary and future activists in the Free State whose dedication and commitment to liberation justify their burial at this sacred spot. On approaching the acre a remembrance stone with the following inscription is seen:

In remembrance of our heroes and our ancestors. There is a spirit of nature, the spirit of the rivers, the rivers of the mountains, the spirit of the animals, the spirit of the ancestors, the spirit of the heroes and heroines, the spirit of freedom fighters, the spirit of freedom defenders, the spirit is powerful and the spirit is everywhere.


The above pictured tombstone is one of the many found in the Heroes Acre. Other political activists buried there, among others, include the following:

The Heroes Acre in the Phahameng Cemetery in Mangaung

ACTIVIST’S NAME-DATE OF BIRTH-DATE OF DEATH 1. Motlatsi Benjamin -04.04.1960-13.06.2000 2. Pule David Lesia-26.08.1950-14.10.2008 3. Thabo Khuselo-12.12.1972-12.08.1999 4. Clement Lebenya-19.09.1958-05.04.1995 5. Jacob Mathata Letshabo-20.08.1958-08.03.1995 6. Serai Andrew Moche-31.03.1959-08.02. 2005 7. Bongani Mpiyakhe-19.02.1958-21.06.1992

The Heroes Acre in the Phahameng Cemetery in Mangaung